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Cape Town Miracle: New Ears for Young Girl with Microtia

Ten-year-old Cassidy, a Cape Town resident had reason to celebrate this month when a lifelong dream of hers and her mothers came true in Tygerburg Hospital. Cassidy had been suffering from a rare congenital form of microtia where she was born without ears. This debilitating condition had stolen Cassidy’s ability for hearing and impaired her 
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Next Steps after a Microtia Diagnosis

Many parents are understandably concerned when their child is diagnosed with microtia and may not know anything about how to treat or deal with this rare congenital deformity. Most parents are not even aware of what microtia is until their child is born with an abnormal ear. At the Ear Surgery Center of Excellence in 
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What You Need to Know About Microtia

Approximately 1 in 6,000 babies each year are born with a condition called microtia. Microtia is a birth defect that results in the incomplete development of the outer ear and causes it to appear abnormal. At the Ear Surgery Center of Excellence in Los Angeles, our expert plastic and reconstructive facial plastic surgeons are specialists 
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Microtia Surgery: Life-Changing for Kids Like Kieran Sorkin

Eight-year-old Kieran Sorkin, who was born with no ears and has only 20 percent hearing ability, is preparing to have microtia surgery. Microtia is a congenital deformity in which one or both ears are underdeveloped, and to treat Sorkin’s microtia, doctors will construct new ears for him using cartilage from his own ribs. Because Sorkin 
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Support for Microtia Parents in Los Angeles

Microtia is a congenital abnormality where the ear does not achieve complete formation. This leads to an aesthetic and possibly functional defect in the ear and ear canal. Microtia affects approximately one in 6,000 babies in the U.S., and being a microtia parent can be very difficult. However, resources are out there for you! One 
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How Long Should You Wait After Otoplasty Before Getting Correction?

Otoplasty, an ear reconstructive plastic surgery, is used to correct misshapen or protruding ears, as a means to improve an overall aesthetic look. At the Ear Surgery Center of Excellence our facial plastic surgeons specialized in the most innovative forms of minimally invasive otoplasty and otoplasty revisions, providing each patient with comprehensive, individualized care for 
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Cancer Survivor Grows Replacement Ear in Forearm

A 42-year-old retail sales manager from Bel Air, Maryland, Sherrie Walters made history by having ear reconstruction surgery involving cartilage, taken from her own ribs and grown in her forearm before being placed back on her face. The Ear Surgery Center of Excellence in Los Angeles boasts an expert team of surgeons for the treatment 
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3D Printed Bionic Ear Marks Potential Breakthrough in Ear Reconstruction

Since the invention of the 3D printing machine, its applications in the field of biomedical engineering have seemed limitless. In recent years, interest has turned to the use of 3D printing to produce “bionic organs” that would revolutionize the way we approach transplant surgery and traumatic injuries. Thanks to a team of scientists at Princeton 
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Paul Stanley, Lead Singer of KISS, on Overcoming Microtia

While many are familiar with Paul Stanley as the lead singer for KISS — one of the most successful rock bands in American history — few are aware of the true obstacles to his legendary career. Stanley was born with Grade 3 Microtia, a congenital malformation in which the external ear and middle ear canal 
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When is the Best Time for Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is a relatively simple ear surgery used to reshape prominent, misshaped, or protruding ears. Though otoplasty is performed regularly for adults, it is typically encouraged for children who have been psychologically impacted by the appearance of their ears. In fact, otoplasty is the most common cosmetic surgery performed in children. One reason that otoplasty 
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