Keloids are raised, darkened growths of scar tissue that can occur on the ear lobe following trauma to the skin, or more commonly after an ear piercing. A keloid forms when the original wound becomes inflamed and the body fails to stop producing new tissue. These growths can cause an itching or burning sensation and often become a source of discomfort or embarrassment. Fortunately, a simple and effective in-office procedure can be used to remove a keloid and restore normal appearance to the ear.

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Keloid Removal and Repair

keloids-treatment-los-angeles-ear-surgeryThe most effective treatment for keloids of the earlobes is surgical removal and repair. The procedure can usually be performed in-office and involves removal of the keloid followed by restoration of the skin around the earlobe. To ensure the best aesthetic results, each treatment is highly individualized based on the location and size of the keloid as well as the patient’s facial features.

Following keloid removal, some patients may require adjunctive procedures to minimize the risk of recurrence. Silicone sheeting, in the form of a dressing over the ear, is a complementary therapy that can reduce scar formation following surgical keloid removal. Injections of steroid or 5-FU (Fluorouracil) medications may also be used to reduce inflammation and prevent excessive tissue growth at the site of the removed keloid. In cases of recurrent keloid formation, small, focused amounts of radiation therapy can be effective at preventing tissue growth and scar formation.

Recovery from Keloid Removal

Since surgical keloid removal is performed under local anesthesia, the procedure has a very short recovery time with little post-operative pain. Depending on the adjunctive therapies used to minimize recurrence of the keloid, temporary dressings may be applied to the ears. Most patients can return to work immediately after the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is it important that keloid removal be performed by a facial plastic surgeon?

A: Each keloid is different, and may require slightly different aesthetic techniques to achieve proper symmetry and to restore the earlobe’s natural appearance. Our facial plastic surgeons are highly skilled in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures and have extensive experience performing keloid removal with excellent aesthetic results and low recurrence rates.

Q: How can I know whether or not I will get keloids from an ear piercing?

A: Since the cause of keloids is not well understood, it is impossible to predict whether an ear piercing will result in keloid formation. Keloids are equally common in men and women, but individuals of African or Asian decent may be more susceptible.

Q: Can keloids develop in other parts of the body?

A: Yes, keloids are a type of scar tissue that can form nearly anywhere on the body. They most commonly develop on the chest, shoulders, back, and ears.

Q: Is keloid removal necessary?

A: The decision to have a keloid surgically removed is up to the patient, but is often recommended for keloids that cause discomforting symptoms or that are located in cosmetically sensitive areas such as the ears.

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