Eight-year-old Kieran Sorkin, who was born with no ears and has only 20 percent hearing ability, is preparing to have microtia surgery. Microtia is a congenital deformity in which one or both ears are underdeveloped, and to treat Sorkin’s microtia, doctors will construct new ears for him using cartilage from his own ribs. Because Sorkin has had trouble making friends due to his microtia, he is ecstatic about undergoing this procedure so that he can have a more normal life.

Microtia affects 6,000 to 12,000 babies and can make fitting in difficult, especially when these children start school. As microtia parents, it can also be devastating to watch your child suffer through this trauma during such a crucial age for social development. The good news is that you and your child may not have to suffer anymore. Like Sorkin, your child can finally have a sense of normalcy and be able to make friends without feeling alienated. The world-class ear specialists at our Ear Surgery Center of Excellence are experts in microtia treatment and perform cutting-edge microtia surgery in Los Angeles.

Microtia Diagnosis

If your child is diagnosed with microtia (usually upon delivery), it is important to know that there are many treatments available. But before considering any microtia treatment options, you should first have your child evaluated for the following:

  • Abnormalities in the kidneys and heart (through an ultrasound and EKG, respectively), because ears develop around the same time as these organs.
  • Hearing function (via audiogram), since those with microtia often experience reduced or no audio function of their ears.
  • BAER (brain stem auditory evoked response).
  • Behavioral testing.

To learn more about living with microtia, as well as treating microtia in Los Angeles, please don’t hesitate to contact our outpatient surgery center.

Microtia Surgery in Los Angeles

There are two primary forms of ear surgery for treating microtia, and our experienced surgeons specialize in using the most advanced technologies for creating natural-looking, beautiful results.

Synthetic ear surgery – This treatment involves the implantation of a prosthetic ear for microtia patients via MEDPOR surgery. The MEDPOR technique allows the surgeon to reconstruct and reshape the ear synthetically, without having to create incisions in other parts of the body to borrow cartilage. You can learn more about MEDPOR in Los Angeles by contacting our surgery center.

Autologous ear reconstruction – This microtia treatment involves the use of rib cartilage (which is removed and replaced in the ear) to rebuild the ear. It is also the procedure that Kieran Sorkin plans to undergo.

Both surgeries are done on an outpatient basis, so your child can go home the same day as his or her surgery. Additionally, these procedures are minimally invasive, and will not only leave little to no scarring, but will also require very short recovery time.

Contact a Microtia Treatment Specialist in Los Angeles

If your child suffers from microtia, along with the challenges that accompany it, there is hope.

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