Approximately 1 in 6,000 babies each year are born with a condition called microtia. Microtia is a birth defect that results in the incomplete development of the outer ear and causes it to appear abnormal. At the Ear Surgery Center of Excellence in Los Angeles, our expert plastic and reconstructive facial plastic surgeons are specialists in treating microtia and providing incredible results for patients.

What Is Microtia?

Microtia is typically diagnosed soon after birth. It is not apparent what causes microtia, but medical professionals have determined that it likely takes place spontaneously during development in the womb rather than occurring due to an inherited genetic trait. Microtia is believed to develop in the first trimester and is undetectable using standard ultrasound technology. Depending on the extent of the damage to the external ear canal, microtia can result in some kind of hearing loss. Beyond the physical effects of the ear deformity, microtia can have a negative social and emotional impact on children living with the abnormality.

Microtia Treatment in Los Angeles

At the Ear Surgery Center of Excellence in Los Angeles, our plastic reconstructive surgeons and otolaryngologists are highly skilled in treating microtia through surgery. Our doctors work closely with each microtia patient in order to determine the ideal treatment plan. The age, general health, extent of deformity and degree of hearing loss are all factors that contribute to a person’s eligibility for reconstructive ear surgery. One type of surgery is autologous reconstruction which uses cartilage from the patient’s ribs to construct an aesthetically pleasing ear. Synthetic reconstruction is another surgical option for microtia patients and involves using a polyethylene framework and tissue from the patient in order to reconstruct the ear into a normal shape. Another option for treatment is otoplasty, which is procedure that reshapes the cartilage into a more desired ear shape. Our world-renowned ear surgeons will present a variety of treatment options to qualified patients and help them decide on the procedure that will produce optimal results.

Who Should Treat Microtia?

It is important that microtia patients are treated by doctors who have extensive knowledge of the ear structure and have experience performing surgery on the ear. Reconstructive ear surgery requires a high level of technical skill that not all surgeons possess. The esteemed surgeons at the Ear Surgery Center of Excellence in Los Angeles are experts in the field of reconstructive facial plastic surgery and innovators in the treatment of microtia. Our renowned doctors thoughtfully consult with each patient in order to meet their individual needs and use the most cutting-edge practices in order to create the most natural looking results. For microtia treatment in Los Angeles, look no further than the team at the Ear Surgery Center of Excellence!

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