Many parents are understandably concerned when their child is diagnosed with microtia and may not know anything about how to treat or deal with this rare congenital deformity. Most parents are not even aware of what microtia is until their child is born with an abnormal ear. At the Ear Surgery Center of Excellence in Beverly Hills, our team of expert reconstructive surgeons are dedicated to providing parents with the support and resources necessary to determine the best treatment plan for their child diagnosed with microtia.

What Is Microtia?

Microtia is a birth defect that leaves children with an abnormal or deformed outer ear. The exact cause of microtia is unknown and it is believed to spontaneously develop during pregnancy. Since it is undetectable on a typical ultrasound machine, parents do not know their child has microtia until they are born.  Besides the obvious negative aesthetic affect, microtia can also impair a child’s hearing ability. Thankfully, there are several reconstructive options to correct the effects of microtia and the renowned surgical team at the Ear Surgery Center of Excellence have years of experience treating patients with microtia.

What Happens after the Microtia Diagnosis?

Most babies are diagnosed with microtia right away due to the evident ear deformity. While parents should take comfort in the fact that microtia is typically not related to any other conditions, tests will be performed on the kidneys and heart to rule out any other risks since they develop around the same time as the ears. A hearing test will also be performed to determine if the microtia has affected the function of the deformed ear. For the first four years, parents should have their child’s hearing checked on a regular basis in order to monitor their speech and language development. Over time, children tend to become self-conscious and embarrassed by their abnormal ear. At age 5 or 6, children with microtia may be eligible to receive reconstructive surgery in order to treat their microtia and return the ear to a normal appearance and function. The esteemed microtia experts at the Ear Surgery Center of Excellence encourage parents to consider reconstructive treatment for their child’s microtia while the child is still young.

What Is the Best Treatment for Microtia?

In order to effectively reshape the ear to a more natural-looking aesthetic, parents of children with microtia can choose between several different surgical procedures in order to correct the ear deformity. At the Ear Surgery Center of Excellence in Beverly Hills, our team of dedicated surgeons discuss each treatment option and provide their expert recommendations in order to develop a treatment plan that is ideal for each patient. Depending on age, health, and severity of deformity, there are three main surgical procedures that can be performed on patients with microtia: Autologous Reconstruction, Synthetic Reconstruction, Prosthetic ear, and otoplasty. Each reconstructive surgery is performed by renowned facial plastic surgeons and ear, nose, and throat doctors who have extensive skill and training in treating microtia. Our doctors utilize only the most advanced and effective techniques in order to restore the ear to a normal appearance.

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